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Product Design: Scorpion - Customer Experience Center (CXC)



CXC is a desktop software that enables Scorpion agents – 30 in Dallas and 30 in Manilla – to provide chat support to businesses, either partially or fully. The software allows agents to retrieve business information and communicate it to customers through chat.

Project Duration
July 2021–February 2022

The Problem

The existing design for finding client information was outdated and convoluted, making it difficult for agents to chat with customers effectively. Some basic elements were already established, but they needed to be rearranged and simplified.


Improve the CXC product so agents can deliver better service to customers through chat, enabling them to access relevant information quickly and easily, while managing multiple chat sessions at the same time. This will enhance the customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the agent productivity and efficiency.

My Responsibilities

During the initial phase of the project, I contributed to user research. However, my primary responsibilities were during the interaction and visual design phase. Here, I created wireframes, hi-def comps, constructed prototypes for testing, established a design system, and provided support during usability study interviews.

User Research


To start on the preliminary research, my colleague and I organized a session with the product's stakeholders to understand what they wanted to achieve with the new design. The stakeholders demonstrated how chat agents work with the current dashboard and what challenges they encounter on a daily basis. 

To find out the main issues with the current design, we conducted a research study. We defined the research goals and recruited agents who use the CXC dashboard every day for a qualitative interview. We distributed a survey with ten questions to 20 agents and selected five of them for a Zoom session.

We conducted interviews with the agents and learned about their main challenges. We created four personas based on the insights we gained: Two personas reflected the team in Dallas, TX and the other two reflected the team in Manilla. We defined the users' problems, formulated hypothesis and proceeded to the ideation phase with some valuable data to inspire our brainstorming.

Pain Points


Overall Layout Is 'Clunky'

The user has requested a more structured and user-friendly dashboard layout. The new screens will be redesigned to meet the user's needs.


KB Info Hard to Access

Knowledgebase content is not well-separated, which hinders information retrieval. Using text hierarchy and submenus will improve content organization.


Business Location Is Difficult to Access

The location dropdown is not showing the complete name of the location, which causes confusion. A tab with all the locations and their addresses would be helpful.


Chat Cards Are Hard Interact with

The left vertical nav bar shows chat cards as icons. Agents can interact with customers more easily with larger cards will contain actions like Transfer/End Chat.



Problem Statement: Clair is a novice Chat Support Agent in the Manilla team who needs to quickly search, find and relay information via chat because customers need to know specific information about the businesses and improve her performance.

Hypothesis: If Clair can easily navigate the dashboard layout, then she’ll be able to answer chats quickly and improve her performance.


Problem Statement: Ron is a Conversation Specialist in the Dallas team who needs a search feature in the knowledgebase tab because he must search and find important information quickly.
Hypothesis: If Ron can use a search feature in knowledgebase, then he can find customer requested info about the business more quickly.