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Product Design: ChezMana, Inc.


The startup ChezMana, Inc, was in need of a web MVP with a hub for artists to be able to show their artwork to potential clients (brands). These brands would also have a hub where they create a brief describing the project and image needed. Based on the brief AI technology would search and select images from a library of artworks from various artists.

The Challenge

Create brand language and UX workflows, personas and visual language. The complexity of the experience with different hubs for artists, brands and visitors had to be thought out thoroughly, and the design system had to accommodate future technological demands.




Since the experience relied heavily on imagery, making them the focus and look premium was a necessity…


…and components needed to show them off and convey the necessary information for the user. 



Due to the tight schedule, keeping open communication with the product and engineering teams was vital to the project's progress…


… and we discussed details and potential challenges ahead of time.


The Final Product


The solution was to create a simple and clean brand language for this MVP. Since the site showcases artwork, light color backgrounds put the images are in focus. Artists and brands have separate sign-in for their hubs (or moodboards).

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