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Product Design &
Digital Marketing Creative

CXC is a desktop software that enables Scorpion agents – 30 in Dallas and 30 in Manilla – to provide chat support to businesses, either partially or fully. The software allows…


The Tokens program is a feature on the  DisneyNOW  app.  Launched in the fall of 2017 on iOS and Android devices, the app aggregates all ll content from Disney Channel, D…


Very soon after I started at DisneyNOW and began digging through its design system, I realized that the sketch master files for all platforms were in dire need of help. I took it…


Through the many years that I worked at NBC Entertainment Digital I was part of multiple  changes in the way content was distributed. As late as 2013, NBC…


The startup ChezMana, Inc, was in need of a web MVP with a hub for artists to be able to show their artwork to potential clients (brands). These brands would also have…


ShowRunner is a concept for FOXNOW experience pitched for a partnership with Samsung. Fully integrated with FOXNOW experience where the viewer/user participates …

Digital Marketing

As Art Director I led design and production of creative assets for digital campaigns at NBCUniversal. I also created all marketing for Trailmixer, a nonprofit I co-founded.

Production Design

I led creative strategy, design and production of 40+ show assets for mobile apps, devices, social and digital platforms (Roku, Xbox, AppleTV, Netflix, Amazon Fire TV).

Socia Media Marketing

Art Direction of design and production of creative assets for social media marketing campaigns for NBCUniversal and Trailmixer nonprofit.


I created presentation templates and designed digital assets for FOX Network Groups products pitch to Samsung; I also created deck for the startup ChezMana, Inc..

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